About Us - A+ Tutoring with Certified Teachers
As part of our tutoring program, we offer a FREE consultation for every new student in order to assess their academic, emotional & personality needs.
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About Us

Professional, Affordable & Successful

When you compare our tutoring program with other companies, the passion and love for teaching our tutors have is unparalleled.  It makes all the difference when our tutors are teachers because their commitment to the profession and their desire to help others learn exudes through their instruction and care for each student.  Our tutors have been educated to the finest degree to be able to discern the student’s learning style and are able to adjust their modern teaching methods to suit the student’s needs.  Our tutors are able to offer their professional opinion when keeping in touch with the student’s teacher in order to provide the best teaching experience for the student.  When students have the opportunity to work with a tutor that has an abundance of teaching experience, as well as an extensive knowledge of the Ontario or British Columbia curriculum, they are given the most beneficial and personalized lessons any tutoring operation can offer.


Are you tired of how today’s education system offers a substandard learning environment?  Regardless of the student’s learning ability and style, every student deserves the undivided attention from their teacher.  Unlike many other tutoring services that only cater to the high-achieving academic students, A+ Tutoring provides a refreshing alternative to the current classroom setting, by improving the teacher to student ratio.  We offer in-home one-on-one instruction, and are accommodating around everyone’s busy schedules.  Session days and times can be organized to suit the request of both the student and the family without problem.  Students feel more at ease when they are able to learn in the comfort of their own home and are more apt to ask questions when working one-on-one rather than in a group tutoring class.


As part of our program, we offer a FREE consultation for every new student in order to assess their academic, emotional & personality needs.  With this assessment, the best suited teacher is matched with the student and a tailor made program is designed to reach his or her goals.  After each tutoring session, the tutor will provide a brief summary along with some comments or suggestions for the student to work on in between sessions.  This frequent and immediate feedback is so crucial to the student’s development; keeping everyone on the same page.  We are confident that you will find our rates to be very competitive to other private in-home tutoring services, and we also offer a referral program that provides opportunities to alleviate costs.  Further details upon request.


Our services are provided throughout Durham Region in Ontario and the Greater Vancouver Region in British Columbia. Each tutor will assess each student to study their learning styles, interests and to find out which concepts the student has learned, and which concepts he or she needs to learn.  Our tutors always bring their students back to where they are missing some curriculum knowledge and help lay down the academic foundation required to move on to the next area of the subject matter.  Not only do our tutors have the best education in terms of the curriculum, but they have the strongest training in working with students of all different backgrounds, needs, academic levels and educational experience.  It is our mission to provide the best instruction but all the while reaching each student personally and developing the intrinsic motivation and confidence that will help them succeed.