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Teaching Win!

28 Dec Teaching Win!


I was really pleasantly surprised by a student this morning.

I had noticed my student was not practicing before their weekly session and it was impeding our progress. I told him so and encouraged him to make the time, explaining how much more we could accomplish.

Well, wasn’t I impressed when I showed up today and we were able to warm up and move on. It was our best session yet; we covered more than 1 topic even.

Not only this, there was a marked difference in his confidence!

The cherry on top today was when I showed up, he had his pencils all sharp and laid out waiting for me.

The student experienced a shift from relying on the sessions exclusively to taking ownership of his progress, and he found he was renewed in this. He was also trying to mimic my organization which I model for every student!

This was such a great breakthrough today! I was so thrilled to share this feedback and what I noticed. This only further inspires him to work harder!

This is why I am a teacher. It takes two frequencies to resonate and this rings true when both the teacher and student are working together as a team. Situations such as this remind me I am a mentor to my students.

Deanna Williams, OCT#627504

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