Mature Student Information Sessions at Durham College - A+ Tutoring with Certified Teachers
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Mature Student Information Sessions at Durham College

21 Jan Mature Student Information Sessions at Durham College



I visited the Student Services Building on Campus today at Durham College. Durham College shares a campus with UOIT, where I studied Math and Physics for 4 years. It always makes me nostalgic to go back.

While visiting, I noticed a flyer advertising some information sessions for Mature Students. Post-secondary schooling is such a challenge for anyone, but can be especially intimidating to mature students. I help so many adult learners and know there is an extra pressure to perform as an adult, and also extra challenges such as adapting to school life and studying subjects long forgotten about.

Perhaps you are feeling the pull to re-engage in your education. We can certainly help in such a daunting task for adults. Tutoring from a professional, certified teacher can make all the difference.

My sister-in-law was recently completing a high school Chemistry credit for her return to post-secondary school in hopes of obtaining a Registered Practical Nursing diploma and I had the pleasure of tutoring her. She enrolled in a night class that she attended with teenagers as it was offered through the board.

She was taking this science course and it really challenged her academic strengths to begin with, but add to that the fact that she was the oldest person in the class! Maybe this doesn’t intimidate you, but she did always speak to the  endless distraction her less mature classmates would prove to be. The moral of the story simply being that there was a lot more than strictly academic support in our tutoring sessions; strategically building confidence and ability takes skill to be sure. You cannot depend on that from just any tutor.

If you or a loved one are returning to classes as a mature student, call for a free consult to simply begin a no-commitment conversation about your future endeavors. We also invite you to fill out a Consultation Request form here if that is more convenient:

We help people achieve their dreams every single day, and I couldn’t be more proud of my adult learners!

Free parking will be provided to those who attend the information sessions I referred to:

Where: UOIT North Campus (2000 Simcoe St N, Oshawa) Student Services Building

Time: 6-8pm


February 17
March 9
April 27

For more information, contact Durham College by visiting:

Best Wishes and Keep Dreaming!


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