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Driving around the Durham Region is a beloved part of my job.
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New Year, New Semester!

02 Jan New Year, New Semester!


I am looking forward to checking in with my students in the next week as we begin to shift into EXAM REVIEW!

By the end of January, high school students will be done semester 1 and taking on new courses.

I hope that parents and students alike are feeling renewed and recharged. There are so many ways I like to unwind and prepare for a new year. I always ensure that a discussion around stress management happens near exam time for my students.

August 2015, I participated in a grade 9 Jump Start program to help transition new grade 9’s into high school and get their bearings before day 1. There was a seminar on healthy eating and stress management, which was amazing. The students were offered tools such as breathing exercises that we practiced together right after.

Aside from eating well, managing our emotions is something that should be addressed. Being active is a big part of this and yoga is a practice I recommend to almost anyone. Self love and care is something we don’t always prioritize when we grind away each day.

Some of my favourite ways to reboot involve routines. One annual routine is renewing my teaching license, which gives me great pride. I love belonging to the Ontario College of Teachers and what it represents to have the designation of Ontario Certified Teacher after my name. Every January, I can do this small task that keeps me invested, involved, and aligned with the College.

Part of my preparation for the week includes my car: The Math Mobile! Something about cleaning it, putting on my logos, and filling up the tank is a beloved ritual after several years.

However it is that you take care of you to be the best you in 2016, all the best!

Watch out for me around the Durham Region in 2016!


Deanna Williams, OCT# 627504


Math Mobile

Remember that you earn free hours with referrals and exams are only 3 weeks away!

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