Orchestra and Other Extra-Curricular Activities - A+ Tutoring with Certified Teachers
After a day of tutoring, a great workout or jam session can be the perfect way to unwind. What extra-curriculars are you involved in?
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Orchestra and Other Extra-Curricular Activities

30 Mar Orchestra and Other Extra-Curricular Activities

I recently joined an orchestra for fun. I missed playing my trumpet so much that I found a community group to join! The best part- it’s free!

Extra-curricular activities may be more commonly associated with your school days, but as adults they are equally important. Durham features a wealth of opportunities to get engaged in the community with peers and like-minded individuals.

On top of tutoring and consulting, I enjoy playing co-ed baseball, practicing yoga, and playing my trumpet with the Durham Chamber Orchestra on a weekly basis. It is so energizing to be active and helps me to maintain a positive attitude and self-esteem. I am getting married in August, so that always motivates me if I ever need it!

Days already feel long enough, so I understand if your instinct is to recharge quietly (it depends where you get your energy from). If you are like me, an extreme extrovert, I am always glad to end my day surrounded by my friends at ball, yoga, or orchestra practice. The feeling I get from playing my trumpet, sweating out a long day, or running the bases just can’t be replaced at the end of the day. Fresh air and taking your mind off of everyday things like bills and work can be an amazing stress relief also.

Get out there and take a break in a way that energizes you!

Durham Chamber Orchestra

Trumpet for Durham Chamber Orchestra

Durham Chamber Orchestra – A community orchestra, showcasing talented musicians, with a passion for the timeless beauty of classical music.  Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at Father Leo J. Austin Catholic Secondary School, 1020 Dryden Blvd., Whitby, Ontario.  Musicians are invited to join the DCO, or, if you simply appreciate beautiful music, sit back and enjoy our concerts at the St. Francis Centre.”

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