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Blog Post regarding managing time and energy for youth and how Tutoring can support this.
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School-Life Balance & Tutoring

27 Apr School-Life Balance & Tutoring

High school brings a lot of various stresses on a student. On top of balancing extra-curriculars, part-time jobs, family responsibilities, and social stresses, students are managing up to 4 courses at a time. It is easy to see why teenagers can be overwhelmed!

Students are juggling the expectations of their parents and teachers with their own self discovery. Things like deadlines and projects are consuming at times when it seems all of the teachers have conspired against you in the scheduling department.


School-Tutoring Balance

Certified Teachers are Professionals at staying organized! Let us share our amazing tips and tricks with your loved ones.


How does a young person manage all of this? Having strong support is important and that would come from family, friends, and teachers. Sometimes, however, we need help from someone outside of our network. It is something I am told at consults time and time again: “I could teach it to him/her but he/she doesn’t want to hear it from me!”

Regular tutoring sessions provide the space to organize thoughtfully and prepare weekly strategies for accomplishing our goals. For example, I have a student going on vacation next week who was feeling stressed about getting all of his work done while away. He knew what he needed to get done, once we went through and created a list. Also, he knew how much time to provide each day on the trip to reasonably complete his work because we discussed how long each task might likely take.

Students are not in a position to achieve if they are chronically stressed out! Learners need to be open while attending classes and this is impossible with the insecurity that comes with anxiety. Difficult conversations will still come up, but we always move onward and upward!

When I feel anxious, I turn to breathing exercises or brief meditations. Mantras also help a lot! (Breathe in the word “let” and exhale the word “go.”) Here is a 2 minute guided breathing exercise that I find great for beginners. Give it a try today!

Stress, anxiety and pressure are a real force of nature in high school. If you or someone you know every finds it all to be a bit too much, remember that someone will always be waiting to talk when you need it: KID HELP PHONE 1-800-668-6868

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