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During my travels, students catch me enjoying some amazing healthy snacks. Often, this sparks a conversation around nutrition.
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Tutor Nutrition

07 Mar Tutor Nutrition

As a teacher, and even more so as a tutor, I am in a position to be a role model for a lot of teens. Working with students in their home and seeing them in their own element gives us a unique relationship with our students. Also, a student spending time with a teacher outside of school sometimes has a novelty that makes a student feel really special.

I work with high school students personally, and absolutely adore this age group. It is a perfect time to change and shape the relationship a student has with math and science, because soon, their careers may depend on this.

Another area that I find I’ve become a role model in is nutrition. It is after school, and when I have several appointments, I may need a smoothie or a small snack between and during sessions. If I need to eat during a session, students seem to always ask what I am eating/drinking. This is why I take care to pack my food carefully; it also helps to hold me accountable to eat well myself!

Whatever you do, making the time for nutrition is one of the most effective ways to invest in yourself, your future, and your healthy development. Of course exercise, stress management, and a lot more go into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I find with my lifestyle (I call it “on-the-road” when I am tutoring and consulting with families), I am forced to enjoy a long night of raw and/or cold food. I have come to embrace this, as I notice when I am the busiest with work, I follow my “routine” without question.

I like to rely on the consistency and simplicity of the formula I created for the perfect healthy lunch! My specialty has become the smoothie (hands free veggies, fruit, etc. is amazing when I don’t want to be chewing in my students’ ears, or have to drive a lot). People who know me well, know that on top of loving math, equations, and rules, I am a person who needs routines and lists every single day to perform at my best.


Tutor Nutrition

Tutor Nutrition

I am, like many of my students, a very visual learner. I wanted to share something I read in a blog I follow, as it helped me a lot to understand how much of any fruit and vegetable make up a “serving.” If you scroll through the post, it illustrates 10 examples of the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Until next week, eat well and be well,

Deanna Williams, OCT


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